[Marxism] young men trouble again (shooting incident)

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Against the matrix of capitalist relationships which surround us all, pressures, disappointments, fears and threats bring about seemingly irrational behavior, criminal in traditional definition, self-destructive of others.However, there should be no mistaking this instance. Adam Lanza appears from the accounts we have to have been a representative of "Aspberger's Sydrome" a part of autism. The flat affect, lack of eye contact. inability to communicate on a social level, choice to dress in "Goth" costume, inability to "get" a social cue, are all classic indications. There are others not imnportant to go into 
here, but which one comes to know. The photograph of the young man itself was enough to tell me his conditon. 

Capitalism can't be charged with this one.

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> Young men losing it and ending it....
> Very similar to wht I also feel at times....

Stanley Kubrick on the killings:


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