[Marxism] young men trouble again (shooting incident)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 15 18:02:24 MST 2012

On 12/15/12 7:49 PM, roger lee wrote:
> Do all Aspergians rage massacre? Surely there are other factors and i
> vote for the stress and violence of daily life under the reign of
> Capital accummulation having something to do with this. Why would the
> number of such incidents  be accelerating along with  de-
> unionization and speed up and stagnant wages and attacks on the
> social safety net and ongoing imperialist wars and climate
> catastrophes all ramp up the threat level and violence in the social
> world. Roger Lee

Actually we have no idea if he had Asperger's, least of all from looking 
at a photo. The people who said this were his high school classmates, 
not physicians.

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