[Marxism] The most important fish in the sea

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 15:44:34 MST 2012

Obama is seen as the most "pro-science" Prez since JFK. My cousin,
Carla Shatz, head of the Bio-X Dept. at the Standford School of
Medicine, attended the first post-inaugural gathering of top
scientists in all fields at the White House. She was highly effusive
in her praise for Obama and his recent appointees to various science
oriented government departments, pledges for grants for R&D and so on.
She still is. It doesn't surprise me then that Franklin has the same
sort of position on Obama as others on the liberal side of science
academics has, which is a growing defensiveness about him and his

At last I know of the origin of the Indian-Pilgrim myth of putting a
fish under a seed of corn when planting to provide nutrition. I always
though "why not just eat the fucking fish?!". Now I get it! I might
add that Native Americans real gift was that of corn itself. Also, I
wonder about why the early settlers in New England were *ever*
threatened with hunger when they live off the richest fishing grounds
in the world?


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