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On 12/16/12 9:37 AM, Ron Jacobs wrote:
> http://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2012/12/13/veterans-peace-opposes-military-intervention-syria

 From the above statement:

The options are not limited to doing nothing or escalating warfare. 
Nonviolent resistance to tyranny has proven 
far more likely to succeed, and the successes far longer lasting. 
Nations and individuals outside of Syria should do what they can to 
facilitate the nonviolent pursuit of justice.



Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict

Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan


 From http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Maria_J._Stephan:

Dr. Maria J. Stephan is currently "a strategic planner with the U.S. 
Department of State, currently serving at the U.S. Embassy, Kabul." [1]

She "received her PhD from The Fletcher School in 2005 specializing in 
International Security Studies, International Negotiation and Conflict 
Resolution, and International Human Rights. Her dissertation focused on 
the role of civilian-based resistance (nonviolent conflict) in the 
Palestinian, East Timorese, and Kosovo Albanian self-determination 
movements. She received both Harry S. Truman and William J. Fulbright 
fellowships and was selected to participate in the 2004 Academy of 
Achievement Summit.

"Dr. Stephan worked in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for 
European/NATO policy at the U.S. Department of Defense and with the 
international staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. She has also 
worked with civil society organizations in Sri Lanka, Russia, and 
Israel-Palestine. Maria was a fellow in the International Security 
Program and Program on Intra-State Conflict at the Belfer Center for 
Science and International Affairs (BCSIA) at the John F. Kennedy School 
of Government at Harvard University from 2003-2005."

She spent two years as "a Fellow of the Belfer Center for Science and 
International Affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government."

Subsequently she was Director of Educational Initiatives and then Senior 
Director, Policy & Research, at the International Center on Nonviolent 
Conflict, which she left in 2009.



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