[Marxism] Socialist Alternative national conference votes to push forward with revolutionary unity

Omar Hassan sherrife at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 13:43:13 MST 2012

On the first day of Socialist Alternative’s 2012 National Conference in
Melbourne, delegates have overwhelmingly voted in favour of continuing and
deepening the process of uniting the revolutionary left in Australia.

By a margin of 81 for to 2 against, delegates endorsed the National
Executive’s proposal to fuse with the Revolutionary Socialist Party. The
motion to endorse the fusion read:

*“Conference supports merging with the RSP and empowers the NE to carry
through the merger.*

*“The basis for unity is agreement on a socialist program for Australia
today: for revolution; for a Marxist party; against imperialism; against
all forms of oppression; against the capitalist state and for workers’

The merger will not actually take place until around the time of the Marxism
2013 Conference <http://www.marxismconference.org/> next year, when the
Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) will hold a congress to vote on
ratifying the fusion. But we anticipate that the collaboration between the
two groups that has begun in recent months will deepen as we move towards
uniting in a single organisation.

This weekend’s conference was the culmination of several months of lively
discussion and debate within Socialist Alternative about the prospect and
terms of uniting with the RSP. A considerable number of documents were
submitted to our pre-conference discussion bulletin putting various points
of view, and branches around the country had numerous meetings debating out
the issues, culminating in the election of delegates to conference.

Some members had expressed concern about fusing with a group from a
different political tradition to the International Socialist current in
which Socialist Alternative has its origins. But by the time of conference
there was an overwhelming majority in favour of the process of attempting
to unite with other revolutionaries on the basis of a straightforward
revolutionary Marxist program dealing with the challenges of fighting for
socialism in Australia today.

The conference also voted to endorse a new Constitution and statement of
General Principles, which will shortly be available on our website.

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