[Marxism] Questions About the "Boy Beheads Two Regime Officers"Video

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 17 16:56:45 MST 2012

At 17:22 17-12-12 -0500, Louis Proyect wrote:

Well after reading a description of the video (no, I wasn't inclined to 
actually watch it) I expected that it was probably a forgery. I only find it 
surprising that the forgery was exposed so quickly. But not long ago, a 
single report in a single German newspaper had some, including a number on 
this list, ranting and raving that the Houla massacre had been revealed to 
be committed by the rebels, and that went on for over a month until it faded 
following a UN investigation and total lack of corroborating evidence.

And by the way, the reason I doubted the authenticity of the video from the 
start wasn't that there couldn't be rebel elements capable of such an 
atrocity. But rather that it fit so well with the regime's intention of 
portraying the rebellion as sectarian, along with propaganda obviously 
designed to elicit an emotional response including disgust and fear 
particularly among religious minorities (not only Alawites) who might buy 
into that fiction. But I find it sad that some Marxists, who are not a 
religious minority living in Syria, become so willing to believe such 
forgeries when it fits in with their political inclinations.

But most of all, even if the video had been completely genuine and the 
recorded incident were not isolated, I would still ask: So what? Any such 
individual action only reflects badly on those who committed it, ordered it, 
or allowed it to happen. Obviously such an abuse (along with many abuses 
that HAVE actually occurred) are not the position of the rebel leadership, 
nor their responsibility unless a connection exists. After they take power, 
it would be proper for them to investigate and equally punish all war crimes 
even if committed in the name of the revolution. And that goes both ways. I 
would not blame Assad for what a "rogue element" on his side did if those 
actions were clearly counter to orders they had been given. But if the 
actions of any such "rogue elements" were to explain even a small fraction 
of the brutality that we have witnessed, then there would be many officers 
on trial right now, which I am not aware of. And Assad does have state 
power, police, and a justice system. So for that reason I can only conclude 
that the brutality by his side is a matter of policy and properly described 
as "terrorism" given the way it is employed.

- Jeff

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