[Marxism] 'Art Sterritt shows the creative potential of Indigenous social initiatives'

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Mon Dec 17 20:32:08 MST 2012

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Art Sterritt shows the creative potential of Indigenous social initiatives

Speaking in Toronto, November 17, conference against tar sands pipelines,
Art Sterritt of the Coastal First Nations in British Columbia gave a
dramatic account of his peoples' initiatives for ecological justice in the
province. Sterritt is among the main spokespersons of the powerful campaign
in B.C. against tar sands pipelines. 

Sterritt's talk (below) offers insight into three important issues in
current Canadian social struggles:

** How can a protest movement mobilize the popular support needed to block
the destructive plans of government and big business?

** How can indigenous peoples begin to change the thinking and actions of
settler society -- a process that could be called "reversing the conquest"?

** How can control of a piece of government, like Coastal First Nations, be
used to help build mass movements and contest corporate power? ...

For the full text, see http://tinyurl.com/cruw7bc

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