[Marxism] Part #3 of series on US "soft power" and the World Bank education project in Kazakhstan

Allen Ruff alruff at tds.net
Wed Dec 19 05:47:39 MST 2012

Part #3 of the series by Steve Horn and myself on US "soft power" in 
Central Asia, the result of a year-long inquiry. A look specifically at 
the World Bank's role in restructuring the education system in 
strategically located and resource rich Kazakhstan. In this piece, we 
examine some of the actual players, the imperial "soft power boots on 
the ground"; those operatives working in partnership with Kazakhstan's 
dictatorship, as "go-betweens" and "men behind the curtain"


/(Also check out Part 1 
and Part 2 
if you haven't doen so...)/

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