[Marxism] Prairie Miller on "Zero Dark Thirty"

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 19 10:55:38 MST 2012

"I am not sure it is as Islamophobic as was suggested.  The "evil doers" are people who have legitimate beefs, having suffered violence themselves and the CIA people are no angels.  I appreciate the ambiguity, although it give much more red meat to the rabid right than it should."

And the self-justifications begin. . .

Now, I have to plan to watch this show--though at first upon hearing about it and who created it, pretty much made me steer away from it. I am known for taking great license in the television, film, and other forms of entertainment. I like a good story and accept the "universe" in which a story is set as is; a great fan of suspending disbelief. But the reaction of so-called radicals about appreciating ambiguity despite a show giving "red meat to the rabid right than it should" has its own entertainment value for the hypocrisy and genuflection to "creative license" because "evil doers" may "have legitimate beefs" after all. I would say that the reactions of people to justify their forms of entertainment are really their own: until they decide to give license to them as some form of political statement, which of course then become open to political scrutiny and subsequent criticism (as opposed to critique). 

In short, I won't write why I like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you won't justify why you'll watch a show that gives "red meat to the rabid right". You know, "more than it should".

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