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On 12/19/12 11:44 AM, Thomas Bias wrote:
> I'm curious to know if people on this list have been watching the Showtime
> series "Homeland" and, if so, what they think of it. It's well written and
> well acted (Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin are the
> principals), and it certainly draws the audience in. The moral ambiguity is
> very thick. The original creators, as I understand it, are Israeli.
> Comments? ~Tom

December 15, 2012
Homeland, TV’s Most Islamophobic Show
By Laila Al-Arian [2]

I started watching “Homeland” because I was bored. All of my favorite 
shows were coming to a (season’s) end, and I needed something new to 
watch. I’m drawn to smart scripted dramas, but I was immediately 
suspicious of the show when I learned that its creators were also the 
ones behind “24,” the Fox drama that somehow became the chief piece of 
evidence for the effectiveness of torture and was a favorite of Dick 
Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. But I kept an open mind and was riveted by the 
first episode, which laid out the intriguing mystery: Is Marine Sgt. 
Nicholas Brody the POW who’s been turned against his country by al-Qaida 
and its leader, the nefarious Abu Nazir? Soon CIA agent Carrie Mathison 
is seen spying on Brody and family in scenes reminiscent of the Stasi’s 
voyeurism in the Academy Award-winning film “The Lives of Others.” [3] 
But as we learn more about Brody’s back story, the plot becomes 
increasingly absurd and insidiously Islamophobic. All the standard 
stereotypes about Islam and Muslims are reinforced, and it is 
demonstrated ad nauseam that anyone marked as “Muslim” by race or creed 
can never be trusted, all via the deceptively unsophisticated 
bureau-jargon of the government’s top spies. Here are four major, 
problematic areas (among many others. I couldn’t even get to the 
oversexed Saudi prince and his international harem):

full: http://www.alternet.org/homeland-tvs-most-islamophobic-show

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