[Marxism] French Socialists consider "shock therapy"

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 20 15:33:48 MST 2012

The Gallois report came out a few months ago and is already old hat in 
France. The current Social Democratic government is doing EXACTLY what 
French leftists had predicted they would. During the Presidential 
election, French leftists had very clearly stated that the future 
"Socialist" government would be forced to make France more "competitive" 
because they were not revolutionaries and thus could not think outside 
the box.
The Capitalist economy is in the doldrums, IT MUST BE REVIVED (because 
you know, "there is no alternative, duh"), massive public spending 
cannot deliver because giving more to workers would really make the rate 
of profit plummet, would fuel wage increases and would make France even 
less competitive. Not to mention all the public debt which France is 
saddled with thanks to its energetic policy of saving banks (because you 
know, "credit is the lifeline of the economy", duh.)
So, since there is no alternative, and that the economy is "anaemic", 
well, French competitiveness must be increased through slashing wages 
and increasing working hours and the retirement age. Oh, yeah, and tax 
the rich. Snigger. Snigger. The current Socialist government is 
announcing it will "tax the wealthiest 1%". That's BS meant for public 
consumption. At the same time it is granting tax exemptions faster than 
you can say "Tax Evasion". Already the wealthiest man in Europe, Arnaud, 
had moved to Belgium and has asked for a Belgium passport. Switzerland 
and Monaco are seeing more persecuted "tax migrants" who deeply resent 
the fact that capital gains should be taxed on the same level as labour. 
Labour is taxed 28%, Capital around 11% but this might be raised to 17% 
! The horrror! The horror ! The inequity of it all. "They are taxing us 
75% of our wealth !" the French Capitalists cry out. Actually, what they 
mean is that they are taxed 75% of all income OVER the highest earning 
tier of 4 million euros. And most of their wealth does not derive from 
wages. But no matter, the media hastily repeats the 75% claim and French 
people , even hobos and drifters I have met (I kid you not, homeless 
people who have no idea where they will sleep that very night), will 
tell you that taking "75% of someone's earnings is too much".
Well, back to the French Socialist Party.
They are planning on releasing a bombshell that will shatter the "French 
way of life". A deal with French unions in which basically French unions 
agree to lower pay and more working hours in return for French 
corporations keeping jobs in France and not outsourcing them to China. 
This would constitute "a strong defence of French industry" and "a 
historic consensus between unions and employers to strengthen French 
competitiveness". And in the asinine worldview of a French "Socialist" 
would be portrayed as a "New Deal in the Roosevelt style".
More work for us, more profits for them.
The moment French unions sign unto that deal there will be no turning 
back. Which is why all major French unions are currently hesitating and 
in the grips of internal strife and disaffection.

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