[Marxism] Labor Party Time? Not Yet: Mark Dudzic's Talk at the James Connolly Forum and article(with Katherine Isaac)

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Labor Party Time? Not Yet

by Mark Dudzic and Katherine Isaac

During the first of the 2012 presidential debates, President Obama
opined to Governor Romney, "I suspect that on Social Security, we've got
a somewhat  similar position." This should come as no surprise to those
of us paying attention.

Since at least July of the previous year, President Obama has been 
dangling a"grand bargain" in front of congressional Republicans: cuts in
Social Security and Medicare in exchange for a temporary agreement to
raise the federal debt ceiling.

While Republicans continue to hold out for deeper cuts and more 
extensive concessions,this offer is still very much on the bargaining
table.And it is sure to be part of the post-election "fiscal cliff" 

Obama owes his re-election to the labor movement. Its massive ground 
campaign mobilizations surely made the difference in the key
battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and
Virginia. Labor did so mainly because the "greater of 
two evils"  alternative-the inauguration of a national union-busting
regime committed to a Greek-style austerity program-was, quite simply,
unacceptable. But the question still must be asked: will labor, as a
social movement, be stronger in four years than it is today? Will the
lives of working people be better or more secure?.....

full article is posted at these two locations right now. In light of
current developments a critically important discussion.
And watch the video presentation!

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