[Marxism] young men trouble again (shooting incident)

Jim Moody jim at redunity.org.uk
Fri Dec 21 01:12:50 MST 2012

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on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 01:03:42 +0100, dan wrote:
> 1) The phenomenon of school shootings (massacres) really started in
> the late 1980s-early 1990s in the US.
> [...]

Storytelling based on how troops behave(d) in Vietnam, Aden, Six Counties, 
Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. can clearly be important in ingraining in 
the public perception what is right, proper, and so on. The state (US, 
British, whatever) has the means to crush, to destroy, and is not afraid to 
use its power to kill at will.

Bourgeois democracy is only as strong as democratic struggle makes and 
re-makes it and it is a perversion of the idea of a 'well-regulated 
militia' from that of a most democratic citizen militia into a right for 
every atomized individual to own a gun. But once both this individualized 
right is in place and the state's forces are seen in the news and in 
fictionalized accounts on screen to blast 'evildoers', it is not much of a 
stretch to expect some eggshell personalities to take it upon themselves to 
do what they see as right. (And which then is the bigger criminal?)

So it is not primarily the on-screen action that threads directly to the 
murdering nut-jobs attacking schools (one perceived source of 
discontentedness) and schoolchildren, but the way that the leading 
imperialist country (USA) and its satrap (UK), amongst others, behave 
around the world. Capitalism is the murdering nut-job par excellence.

Over a million Iraqis, including hundreds of thousands of children, died 
thanks to US, UK, etc. sanctions (which is merely a 'soft' form of war) and 
war. The war criminals Bush and Blair have yet to receive any justice for 
their barbaric acts; grotesquely, Blair is even now a peace envoy. And 
still the barbarism continues, thanks to continued occupation of 
Afghanistan and drone murders of men, women, and children in Pakistan.

Jim Moody (jim at redunity.org.uk) on 21/12/2012

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