[Marxism] Why not nuke Canada?

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Well, maybe Canada taking over Detroit back then might not have been sich a bad idea.
At least, the unemoployed there would have had health insurance (lol).

El pueblo armado jamas sera aplastado!

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Michael, it is quite well documented and if you look at the blog link
it take you to the actual, quite detailed article. However...

this is not knew, either. Military history buffs have known Plan Red
for decades. Most, including Plan Red, were navy focused and were war
game theories designed to isolate the opponents navy forces. There
were many such hypothetical plans for inter-Imperialist warfare
between the World Wars.

Plan Orange: To militarily defeat the Japanese Navy and possible
invasion of the Home Islands. (pre-empted and outflanked by the
Japanese after Perl Harbor).

Plan Gold: To attack and isolate the French navy fleet and take their
possessions in the Caribbean.

Plan Green: to invade Mexico (this is after the Mexican Revolution).

Plan Black: to tackle Germany should they be victorious against France in WWI

Plan Gray: to invade Central America

and a lot more, most developed in the 1920s and 1930s for every
conceivable war. The British also had one as did Canada....they had,
in event of war, a plant to take Albany and Detroit and force a peace
on the U.S. A huh.

Some of this is detailed in wiki. All documented. All 'active' until
shelved after WWII.


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