[Marxism] SecState[?] John Kerry and his "dear friend" Bashar Assad in Syria

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This is my latest at the Daily Kos. On the day of John Kerry's nomination:

      SecState[?] John Kerry and his 'dear friend' Bashar Assad

> President Barack Obama has just nominated Senator John Kerry for the
> position of Secretary of State.
> I believe John Kerry first came to public notice as a member of
> Vietnam Veterans Against the War <http://www.vvaw.org/> in the early
> 1970's. Probably his introduction to the Senate came in April 1971
> when he became the first Vietnam veteran to testify before congress.
> More recently he has been a senator himself and chairman of the very
> same Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he first testified before
> more that forty years ago.
> More recently, he has been President Barack Obama's point man on US
> relations with Syria and it's dictator President Bashar al-Assad.

I have also written these @ the DailyKos
<http://www.dailykos.com/blog/Clay%20Claiborne/>since my last email:
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And The North Star has published

      Should Syrians Feel Safer Because the Left Hears Echoes of Iraq?

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