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Sun Dec 23 20:24:44 MST 2012

By *Kavita Krishnan*, Delhi

Kavita Krisnan is secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s 
Association (AIPWA) and a leader of the CPI (ML) Liberation.

December 24, 2012 -- In the midst of the unspeakable horror of a rape 
and attempted murder in Delhi is a spark of hope that we nurture, 
cradling it with our hands lest it be snuffed out, helping the spark to 
grow into a steadier flame – and then spread into a forest fire...

The hope lies in the huge numbers of people who have come out to protest 
afterwards. The spontaneous anger and determination to bring rapists to 
justice was good to see. But even better was the willingness to direct 
that anger against the society and culture that justifies rape and 
sexual violence. The popular will – on part of ordinary women and men – 
to address the roots of sexual violence and end it, is what inspires 
more hope and confidence than all the fire-spewing rhetoric of MPs in 

I can't agree at all with Arundhati Roy that these protests happened 
only because the victim was middle class. Middle-class women also do not 
usually get a response like this! They above all are the ones accused of 
being "illegitimate" victims because they are said to drink, smoke, 
dress sexily etc.!

If such horrific violence could happen to a middle-class woman in the 
national capital -- women from oppressed castes, the working class, 
religious minorities, oppressed nationalities, adivasi backgrounds are 
even more disempowered and are likely to face gender violence! In the 
name of opposing the hierarchy of violence, we should not imply that we 
endorse a reverse hierarchy, suggesting that the rape of a middle-class 
woman is a 'lesser' rape!

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