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In reality, since more than a decade, the sense of inferiority to Europeans and Americans, called "stray dog complex" by ex-president Lula, is mantained onlu within the most prosperous sectors of the Brazilian population, the anti-lulist part of it. Though the media here lashes at Lula every time it is possible, the majority of the poor revere him and they know that the international media also revere Lula, Dilma, and they know also that Brazil became more respected than ever in the global scene. The most prosperoux, nevertheless, are still ashamed that a métis worker and ancient shoe-shine boy has represented the country internationally. The fact that the Brazilian people has not yet been affected by the economical crisis and a new attitude by intellectuals and government officials towards racial relations have also made that now most people are proud, and not ashamed, of being métis. I know, of course, that all these are illusions.

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NY Times Book Review December 23, 2012
Topics to Make Brazil Squirm

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