[Marxism] Why I think Syria is so important

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 21:27:40 MST 2012

What has turned into a very vicious and bloody civil war in Syria began
as popular peaceful protests by large numbers of Syrians petitioning
their government for change. At the most basic and fundamental levels,
the demands and motivations of these Syrians were not that different
from those of the protesters in Tunisia and Egypt, or Libya, Bahrain and
Yemen. For that matter, they had much in common with people taking to
the streets of Greece, Portugal and Spain. Protesters in Belgium saw the
parallels; so did those that started occupying public space all across
the United States just as Mummar Qaddafi was being put down for his
first use of military power against the protest movement.

Qaddafi wasn't the first to use live fire in an attempt to suppress the
protest movement that began with the Arab Spring and continues now in
the worldwide movement against austerity, but he was the first to use
military power, including regular army, tanks, artillery, jet air craft
and attack helicopter.

At the time the world said no to that. Substantial international aid was
provided to the Libyans fighting back, UN resolutions got passed, NATO
enforced a no-fly zone plus, and the Qaddafi regime was brought to heel.
Even the Russians and Chinese were on board.

But then comes Syria and with Syria its a different story. In Syria, the
international "community" is establishing very different rules about
what measures a government is allowed to use in suppressing it own
population, it would seem anything below chemical weapons is now allowed.

While there have been much greater slaughters in the past, especially in
Asia and Africa, I believe what is happening in Syria now is very
different from those massacres of the past. The Syrians are protesting
much the same as people in the more developed countries worldwide. They
live more like the people in the more developed countries worldwide and
they are not being slaughtered with machetes but by the type of advanced
military power possessed by the governments of the most developed
countries worldwide.

Thanks of modern technology and communications like YouTube and Twitter,
this slaughter is being viewed by the whole world in real time and that
makes it precedent setting.

Therefore I fear that a terrible precedent is being set for just how far
a government can go in suppressing its own population when they petition
that government for change.

And this precedent is being set while the Left sits on its hands doesn't
protest the use of cluster bombs against neighborhoods because they are
known to be hostile to their government.

Merry Christmas,

I hope we can do better next year.

In Solidarity,


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