[Marxism] Syrian Revolutionaries Speak for Freedom and an End to Sectarianism: Down with Assad

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 25 11:15:54 MST 2012


Syrian Revolutionaries Speak for Freedom and an End to Sectarianism. The people in Syria fighting for true democracy receive no support, not from sectarian Gulf states, not from the CIA. They stand with the Palestinian people in their homeland in refugee camps bombarded by the murderer Assad. 

They Deserve the Support of every freedom-fighter everywhere throughout the world. 

Syria Freedom Forever:
" all I really want for Christmas this year is peace for Syria and the Syrian people, but peace will only be achieved with the fall of the Assad regime, the building of a democratic, secular ( respecting religious beliefs and treating everyone equally without any form of discriminations, Christians and Muslims, Women and Men, Arabs and Kurds, etc…) social and truly independent Syria in solidarity with other’s people struggle, especially the Palestinian people because our freedom is linked to their freedom. All my thoughts are for the Syrian people, family, friends, comrades, and above all for all the martyrs, etc… Peace in this perspective means permanent revolution and victory for the Syrian people.
Viva a Free Syria!" 		 	   		  

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