[Marxism] Why not nuke Canada?

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David, I saw the article, but was hoping for another source.

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> Michael, it is quite well documented and if you look at the blog link
> it take you to the actual, quite detailed article. However...
> this is not knew, either. Military history buffs have known Plan Red
> for decades. Most, including Plan Red, were navy focused and were war
> game theories designed to isolate the opponents navy forces. There
> were many such hypothetical plans for inter-Imperialist warfare
> between the World Wars.
> Plan Orange: To militarily defeat the Japanese Navy and possible
> invasion of the Home Islands. (pre-empted and outflanked by the
> Japanese after Perl Harbor).
> Plan Gold: To attack and isolate the French navy fleet and take their
> possessions in the Caribbean.
> Plan Green: to invade Mexico (this is after the Mexican Revolution).
> Plan Black: to tackle Germany should they be victorious against France in WWI
> Plan Gray: to invade Central America
> and a lot more, most developed in the 1920s and 1930s for every
> conceivable war. The British also had one as did Canada....they had,
> in event of war, a plant to take Albany and Detroit and force a peace
> on the U.S. A huh.
> Some of this is detailed in wiki. All documented. All 'active' until
> shelved after WWII.
> David
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