[Marxism] Book inquiry : Mathematics for the masses

John Scott calypsop at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 27 22:45:15 MST 2012

"Mathematics For the Million" by the English Social Democrat Leslie Horrabin 
in the 1940s might be worth chasing up.

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> On 12/14/2012 09:24 AM, Politicus E. wrote:
>> In order to specify a frame of reference, the genre
>> should loosely be similar to John Allen Paulos' "Beyond Numeracy" but
>> instead with a Marxist or Left political disposition governing the
>> text and selection of topics.  I believe that he wishes to use such a
>> book for an undergraduate course in basic quantitative literacy.
> this is more for upper level, but Dirk Struik's "A concise history of 
> mathematics" is great ....
> as for lower level study, i would look to the Soviet text books, they did 
> a great job of popularizing without trivializing, though i am more 
> familiar with their physics texts that those for math (or maths depending 
> on where you are residing).
> i can ask around with my math colleagues.
> Les
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