[Marxism] What kind of party do we need?

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 28 17:18:36 MST 2012

In response to the thread "what kind of party do we need".

The answer is obvious : the entire working class, duh. The working class 
that is so sliced up and so "managment through fear"-i-zed that US 
workers consider Chinese workers as their greatest nemesis and French 
workers consider Turkish workers as the embodiement of the EU-lead plan 
to cheapen European labour by assimilating 75 million Turks (even though 
the whole East European assimilation process has not brought about the 
kind of ultra-cheap labour power the Capitalists were expecting).But 
seriously. NO party can "represent" workers if it is not a workers' 
council ("The Workers' Revolution will be the work of the Workers 
themselves" as Marx wrote). The Russian revolution is a case in point : 
when Soviets (councils) no longer represent the urban proletariat and 
the peasants are forcibly repressed, then Stalin steps into the picture. 
BTW, Trotsky would have performed exactly the same role, with his 
"permanent revolution" to industrialize Russia while keeping the food 
supply going. Okay, the omlette neccesitated the breaking of eggs, and 
Trotsky as the head of the Red Army and butcher of the Urals, Ukranian 
Maknovsctchina and Kronstadt would know, the USSR did eventually provide 
quite a good framework for extracting surplus-value and allocating 
ressources to smelting, iron mining, large appartement block-building, 
hydro-electric dams, blah... blah... Turns out Peter the Great did an 
equally good job in the 17th century of Europeanizing Russia, building 
St PEtersburg out of a swamp, reforming the Orthodox Church so that the 
Tsars would be the representatives of God (Holy Synod), abolishing 
feudalism in line with meritocarcy (a nobleman would become noble in so 
far as his kchin rank would establish him as a public servant), 
reforming the national costume and sucessfully attacking Sweden, 
Prussia, Poland and the Ottoman EMpire. "Our greatest national ressource 
is men" claimed Catherine II and she was right. From PEter the Great's 
coronation to the 18th century, the whole of Siberia became Russian as 
did most of the Central Asian Republics. Stalin continued on the path 
that would ultimately result in Putin (narrow Nationalism directed by a 
small inner-circle), and Russia is still the richest nation on earth whn 
it comes to Gold, Diamond, Gas,... and its working class still directed 
towards nationalism and respect for authority, instead of letting it, 
you know, take control of shit, like in Soviets(councils) as were 
originally conceived. Mao played the same trick in China, the Chinese 
peasentry were reduced to famine to provide for Mao's dreams of 
procuring an A bomb.
With all the historical precedent and sociological knowledge that we 
have, how can someone claim that a group of Bolsheviks can represent the 
working class ?
Do Marxists not realize that emancipation for workers means just what 
Marx said it meant. You know, the end of the division between 
intellectual and manual labour. When did you see that occurring in a 
Leninist-inspired revolution ? Actually, according to Marx (German 
Ideology, Grundrisse, Kapital, Critique of Gotha) that was the first and 
most decisive sign that a revolution was "Communist".
The whole philosophical POINT of Karl Marx is the end of the "rule of 
philosophers", which he called"turning the world on its head". Material 
reality is the foundation of social relationships. Bringing productive 
man/woman back in charge of his/her destiny and not exploited by others 
is the goal.
The individual, wrote Marx, will eventually recapture all the power that 
he/she has alienated to others. This is happening as the productive 
forces are slowly bring supreme physical mastery to mankind and at the 
same time sharpening the class divide between the haves and the have nots.
However you put it, Marx was anti-Authoritarian and actually aware of 
the dangers of State/Oligarchical-directed "socialism". Just read Marx. 
Not the Leninist commentaries, Marx himself, in his own words. You will 
get an answer to the "what kind of party" question.

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