[Marxism] Second reminder

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 28 18:33:23 MST 2012

OK, Louis, I'm sorry.

This is the second reminder I've received and I kind of get the feeling 
my prose needs a little bit more spacing. It is, and you're quite right, 
laborious to read otherwise. And that's the polite way of putting it.

Actually, I'm not a very gifted writer. I really should condense my 
outbursts into paragraphs that are logically connected and strive to go 
from point A to point B.

But wait a moment. I'm a teacher ! And that's EXACTLY the advice I give 
my students when they hand in an essay which I grade poorly because the 
poor sap just mouths off instead of dealing with the more substantial 
points I want him/her to address. "PUNCTUATION ! PLEASE !!!" "A comma is 
NOT a full stop" "What is your point ???" "Repetitive !" "WHAT do you 
mean ?" "How does this relate to what you wrote previoulsy ???" "WHO is 
saying WHAT to WHOM ????" Those are the habitual remarks I embellish my 
students' essays with.

That I myself might be guilty of "waffling", "being contrary" and 
"confusing the argument" is quite ironical. Just as well my students 
will never think of looking for me on Marxmail.

I will do better. The bottle is empty.

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