[Marxism] Schoolmarm grammar

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 28 20:08:08 MST 2012

And I'm also wrong about DIVE which is a regular verb (preterit DIVED) 
which developed, in some British and American dialects, the preterit 
DOVE by analogy with DRIVE/DROVE. "Dove" exists in some British dialects 
and has become the standard past tense in much of Canada. In the United 
States DIVED and DOVE are both widespread as preterit. "Dove" is 
regarded as "rural but accepted" in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland .
Surprisingly, if you google "I dove into" you will get 2 690 000 
results, and if you google "I dived into" you will get 1 010 000 
results. This seems weird, given that a majority of dictionaries (both 
US and GB), while allowing DOVE as "correct written English", still 
prefer DIVED as the better alternative.

I'm not even going into the DREAM/DREAMT/DREAMED or SHINE/SHONE/SHINED 

Yep. I really must learn more about the history of the English language 
before telling other people what is "correct" and what is not.

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