[Marxism] Black Audiences, White Stars and ‘Django Unchained’

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 10:18:56 MST 2012

It was a pretty bad movie at many, many levels. A movie that takes so
many liberties in dialogue but clearly has high production values in
the production should of gotten some things correct. On the one hand,
though very gratuitously, this is the first Hollywood movie that
actually shows the methods used by the Slavocracy to torture slaves.
The film doesn't hold anything back and *for this I'm grateful*
because already one can find defenders of the "Ol' South" yelling and
slamming Tarantino for this.

However...I like authenticity and the Django character, along with
others portrayed early in the film, is dressed and armed like a 1880s
western "cowboy" and not one from the 1850s when this film takes
place. You can see both Winchester and Henry repeating rifles
throughout, both of which didn't exist until well into the Civil War
and decades later. You see double-action Colt revolvers when such
pistols didn't exist or were not widely available until the 1870s.

While this is a tertiary criticism of the film, directors and
producers have an obligation, even in a dumb fantasy movie appealing
to 21st Century politically correct liberal audiences, to be as
authentic as possible, which they clearly are NOT in this film.

Lastly, Spike-Lee is full of shit. What's *wrong* is not the use of
the n-word, it's the substitution of that word for more benign terms,
more politically corrects terms, more historically INACCURATE terms
used in almost *every* Hollywood film before this one, that should
offend Lee who claims to speak for "his people". Lee wants to make
non-Black film makers use other terms, while the n-word is for his
exclusive right, it appears. What historically inaccurate term would
Lee like to hear from slave plantation overseers use when talking
about Blacks? Perhaps "Negro"? What an asshole.

On the other hand, there were other terms for both slaves and Blacks
in this period, all of which are offensive, but NONE of which were
used. Again, this goes back to the authenticity or lack there of, of
this movie.


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