[Marxism] Black Audiences, White Stars and ‘Django Unchained’

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Authenticity is not required of a film that does not purport to be
authentic. The only authenticity Tarantino has ever claimed was
blaxploitation and grind-house, which from the posters of Django alone is
clearly implied. Whether of not he is channeling *Mandingo* or uses
Blaxploitation conventions ala *Jackie Brown*, I don't know; I didn't see
the film and prolly won't because QT has always been overrated and I find
his films boring and badly done.

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> It was a pretty bad movie at many, many levels. A movie that takes so
> many liberties in dialogue but clearly has high production values in
> the production should of gotten some things correct. On the one hand,
> though very gratuitously, this is the first Hollywood movie that
> actually shows the methods used by the Slavocracy to torture slaves.
> The film doesn't hold anything back and *for this I'm grateful*
> because already one can find defenders of the "Ol' South" yelling and
> slamming Tarantino for this.
> However...I like authenticity and the Django character, along with
> others portrayed early in the film, is dressed and armed like a 1880s
> western "cowboy" and not one from the 1850s when this film takes
> place. You can see both Winchester and Henry repeating rifles
> throughout, both of which didn't exist until well into the Civil War
> and decades later. You see double-action Colt revolvers when such
> pistols didn't exist or were not widely available until the 1870s.
> While this is a tertiary criticism of the film, directors and
> producers have an obligation, even in a dumb fantasy movie appealing
> to 21st Century politically correct liberal audiences, to be as
> authentic as possible, which they clearly are NOT in this film.
> Lastly, Spike-Lee is full of shit. What's *wrong* is not the use of
> the n-word, it's the substitution of that word for more benign terms,
> more politically corrects terms, more historically INACCURATE terms
> used in almost *every* Hollywood film before this one, that should
> offend Lee who claims to speak for "his people". Lee wants to make
> non-Black film makers use other terms, while the n-word is for his
> exclusive right, it appears. What historically inaccurate term would
> Lee like to hear from slave plantation overseers use when talking
> about Blacks? Perhaps "Negro"? What an asshole.
> On the other hand, there were other terms for both slaves and Blacks
> in this period, all of which are offensive, but NONE of which were
> used. Again, this goes back to the authenticity or lack there of, of
> this movie.
> D.
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