[Marxism] NYC subway murderer -- "I hate Muslims!"

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Dec 30 12:15:48 MST 2012

Ralph Johansen wrote: 'I recall when Governor Reagan shut down the state mental
hospitals in California, which granted were hell holes because understaffed,
underfunded and ill-equipped to treat mental illness, stating that the
local communities would thenceforth provide facilities instead -- which of
course they didn't -- and now the mentally ill walk the streets ignored, or
get shoved in jails and prisons, often in 23-hour isolation in "secure
housing units" if they act out and are then released in righteous rage.'

Very interesting. The same thing occurred here in Britain during the 1980s.
The big asylums in which mentally ill people lived were closed down (and
were usually sold off to property developers for conversion to flats or for
demolition and building new housing, all very profitable), and the inmates
were turfed out to live in what was euphemistically called 'Care in the

This usually resulted in the unfortunate people being left to their own
devices and having to rely upon charities for food and shelter. British
towns and cities saw a great increase in homeless people at that time, some
living on the streets because of the economic downturn, others because of
the closing of asylums. The way that mentally ill people were treated in
asylums in Britain left something to be desired, but the answer was not to
throw them out onto the streets.

I wonder if this change in official policy that led to asylums being closed
down was first mooted in the USA and Britain followed suit, or whether US
policy followed changes here in Britain. Whatever the direction, this
change in policy caused a lot of misery for vulnerable people.

Paul F

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