[Marxism] New research on genetics of 'Jewishness'

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The Haaretz article is behind a pay wall, but here is the academic journal


>From the Abstract:

"Our findings support the Khazarian Hypothesis and portray the European
Jewish genome as a mosaic of Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries,
thereby consolidating previous contradictory reports of Jewish ancestry."


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> I seem to remember some articles about this topic being posted on this
> list before, so this may interest some of you. "The Jewish people's
> ultimate treasure hunt: In his search for Jewish ancestry, researcher Eran
> Elhaik says he has discovered that Jews originated in the Khazar empire,
> not the kingdom of Judah."
> http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/week-s-end/the-jewish-people-s-ultimate-treasure-hunt.premium-1.490539
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