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Einde O'Callaghan eindeoc at freenet.de
Mon Dec 31 00:42:26 MST 2012

On 31.12.2012 02:43, Ian Angus wrote:
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> Michael Smith <mjs <at> smithbowen.net> writes:
>> I never heard any other preterite for 'shit' than 'shat', which is
>> good Anglo-Saxon. Are there really people who say 'shitted'?  Why,
>> for Grimm's sake?
> Living in North America, I've never heard "shat" except as a joke.
> And I've never heard "shitted" at all.
> In my experience (not, I realize, always the best guide)
> the commonly used preterite of "shit" is "shit."
> Similar to "hit."
> I shit today.
> I shit yesterday.
In Ireland the most common form of the infinitive is "to shite" although 
probably more common is "to have a shite" - the past tense being "had a 

While in London I seem to recall that the most common verb was "to have 
a shit". My only encounter with "shat" in either country was in the 
passive structure  "he got shat upon from a great height!", meaning that 
he got a really raw deal or was treated very badly - the use of the more 
archaic "upon" would indicate that it's a idiomatic expression, perhaps 
having humorous origins.

Incidentally I've always found "Shit!" a much more expressive expletive 
than "Shite!" ;-)

Einde O'callaghan

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