[Marxism] What happened before the Big Bang?

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 09:26:50 MST 2012

Philosophers have often arrived at scientific conclusions before scientists, because, as Rimbaud once said, "science is too slow." Kant, in the CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON, esp. the chapters "Transcendental Aesthetic of Space" and "Transcendental Aesthetic of Time" in some measure pre-figured Einstein, by demonstrating that time and space are not absolutes. (As you can see by the attached article, physicists argue even today as to whether time is real. Kant's response is that time is the utmost "inner experience", but that there is no proof time exists objectively somewhere outside of ourselves.) Hume, in DIALOGUES CONCERNING NATURAL RELIGION, came close to predicting Darwin's theory of natural selection in his argument that the reason we think the world must be the product of design is that we do not see, or choose not to see, "nature's aborted children", i.e., the many errors and imperfections that got tossed aside before nature arrived at a giraffe or
 tree or human being. 
All of this should be kept in mind in examining Marx's approach to Hegel, who boasted that he had put metaphysics back together after Kant, and the Empiricists, such as Hume, had smashed it. One has only to recall Althusser's celebrated phrase that "turning Hegel upside down", by giving him a materialist core, is not the same thing as breaking with Hegel and his contention that the whole history of the universe has a purpose and a final goal.




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