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Einde O'Callaghan eindeoc at freenet.de
Thu Feb 2 14:38:25 MST 2012

On 02.02.2012 20:53, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Later that day I told some close friends who were about as alienated
> from the party leadership and its idiotic "turn" as I was that I was
> saying things I did not believe. I just wanted to fit in. Here I was, a
> rebel from the age of 13 censoring myself. Nobody tortured me into
> making a fool of myself. I did it all on my own.
> Unbelievable.
I'm sorry to hear about the distorted political heritage you stumbled 
into, Louis. But your attempts to generalise from your limited 
experience just don't work.

During all my years in the British IS/SWP and since in the various 
incarnations of the tradition here in Germany I've never experienced 
anything like this.

Only during my mercifully brief encounter with the British SLL (later 
WRP) - admittedly at a distance since I was in Ireland at the time - did 
I encounter anything like this - but luckily I got out before I was 
embittered by the experience - although it did put me off joining an 
organisation for a number of years.

I would hazard a guess that these practices popped up in a number of 
organisations from various political tendencies - including possibly my 
own in a number of countries - but I don't think this means that such 
tendencies are inherent in any particular political strand claiming to 
have Leninist roots. Indeed I've come across similar tendencies among 
anarchists and other non-Leninist socialist traditions too.

I tend to think that such practices have roots in adverse objective 
circumstances and attempts to force the pace through voluntarist action. 
Formal political theories may strengthen or weaken such tendencies, but 
they aren't the cause.

Einde O'Callaghan

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