[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc responds to Pham Binh's ....

jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 15:50:39 MST 2012

> The next time you post some stupid shit to Marxmail, you will be unsubbed.
> Go read some Neil Harding or Lars Lih and get up to speed on Lenin
> scholarship before you waste bandwidth here.

> What a callow little prick.

> Don't you fucking understand that the discussion is about the differences
> between how your little sect is organized and how the historical Bolshevik
> party was organized? I was writing about this shit when you were a gleam in
> your daddy's eye.
> Get lost, you two-year old.

are perfect examples of the kind of intimidating and histrionic
posturing that stops pro-Barnes list members like myself from joining in.
What a pathetic and wretched way to treat comrades, and far from the first

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