[Marxism] What happened before the Big Bang?

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 08:31:37 MST 2012

"German philosophy is the imitation of the French Revolution. Kant is our Robespierre."---Henrich Heine
"Kant is the philosopher of the French Revolution."---Hannah Arendt
By smashing metaphysics Kant brought about a Copernican revolution in philosophy, where truth is grounded in the individual free mind, not church or state. Heine, Marx's friend, recognized the radicalism of Kant long before the French did. As to the 1789 Revolution, Kant was an ardent supporter, at a time when such a stance was highly dangerous in Prussia.

Wasn't {Kant}
he a philosopher who flourished in Germany when it was a bastion of
anti-Jacobin reaction?  OK, maybe I don't know too much about it;
quite frankly never had much interest in it. 

> Philosophers have often arrived at scientific conclusions before scientists, because, as Rimbaud once said, "science is too slow." Kant, in the CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON . . . .

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