[Marxism] What happened before the Big Bang?

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 08:52:19 MST 2012

I stand corrected, but how does that mean time is merely subjective?
Is the rotation of the planets subjective.

Oh BTW, Arendt is someone who has been rightly debunked lately as a
patronizing racist who argued against the civil rights movement in
"Reflections on Little Rock".  Moreover, Wikipedia tells us that in On
Revolution she espoused a 'moderate' view of things akin to Edmund
Burke by extolling the [slave owning] American Revolution as a
successful alternative to those misguided and out of control Jacobins.

Its interesting that Voltaire, Rosseau and the Enlightenment
philosophers and literary figures of liberty who are relatively
accessible and inspiring get short shrift while impenetrable and
obscure stuff like Kant and Hegel are all the rage in the Marxist
tradition.  I can appreciate that that is a function of the
environment that Marx emerged from.  Still.

> By smashing metaphysics Kant brought about a Copernican revolution in philosophy, where truth is grounded in the individual free mind, not church or state. Heine, Marx's friend, recognized the radicalism of Kant long before the French did. As to the 1789 Revolution, Kant was an ardent supporter, at a time when such a stance was highly dangerous in Prussia.

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