[Marxism] Anthony Brain analyzes what re-nationalization of U.S. steel owned plant/plants within Serbia means for what remains of Serbian Stalinist Bureaucracy and Serb Working Class?

MARIAN BRAIN marian.brain at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 3 13:13:44 MST 2012

The re-nationalization of U.S. Steel in Smederevo, 80 KM East of Belgrade shows how the Serbian Stalinist Bureaucracy could utilize collapse of Capitalist elements within workers' states like Serbia to regain some of their privileges. Workers
can play on these contradictions to weaken the Capitalist elements (and potentially for Trotskyists (wanting the working class to re-assert themselves independent from the Stalinists)show in practice the power of our class when we fight decisively. It was mass workers pressures which partly explains why U.S. Steel plant/plants being re-nationalized with U.S. Steel planning to close them with 20,000 jobs being potentially lost in a town/city of 115,000 residents. 
The Capitalist elements and conciliationist elements are trying to re-privatize those steel plant/plants as this Xinhua article shows.  There could be maneuvers by Bureaucrats trying to pillage off Imperialist loans by coning them that they pushing through the Capitalist inroads quickly of what the Bureaucrats and workers tolerate.  This may be harder as Imperialism has not the capital it had after 1989 where they allocated their money to advance attempted Capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet states.  This may play into the hands of those Bureaucrats who want to maintain the workers’ states as they can only maintain their privileges and income from the State.   
These new upheavals in Eastern Europe could catch up with the incipient Political Revolutions of 1989 now being supplemented with a struggle against Capitalist elements.  Trotskyists have a chance to play an historic role of implanting our programmer and strategy of Political Revolution with social consequences.  

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