[Marxism] The big lie on Iran continues

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 19:18:37 MST 2012

  I happen to believe that the US and Israel should shut the fuck up and
leave Iran alone. They are trying to impose an Imperialist dictated
'solution' to Iran's not playing ball, despite Iran's repeated feelers to
want to make nice with the US. It's Libya all over again minus the popular
uprising. I think Iran has a right to defend itself. I wish it wouldn't,
but it has the right to build a bomb as it's being threatened directly by
two atomic weapon armed countries with back up from the Euro-nuclear twins,
the UK and France. So, I understand why they would want them.

But the fact that they've 'stated' they are not building a bomb doesn't
mean squat at many levels and you politically naive to trust any nation
about what they say about nuclear WMD. If I, me, David Walters, were in
fact running Iran's nuclear weapons development at what ever level, I'd LIE
about it. Israel lies about it. The US lies about ever time if refuses to
confirm it has WMD on vessels in its 5th Fleet stationed IN the Gulf.

Why the hell do you believe Iran when it states anything? They are above
lying? They tell the truth? You seriously believe that?

In the mean time, attend the Demo tomorrow in San Franicsco against US


*No Sanctions, No War Against Iran!*


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