[Marxism] Glen Iris Fundraising Appeal

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 22:01:29 MST 2012



‎404 Glen Iris is Occupied. The family that has lived in the Glen Iris
House since 1953 would greatly appreciate assistant with the funeral
cost of their grandmother. Please donate to assist with the funeral

A few days ago, Occupy Atlanta arrived at the Pittman home with hopes
of being able to help a family in need. Eloise Pittman bought her home
on Glen Iris Dr in 1953. After working in the education system for
years, she finally settled in to a life of retirement. At 62 years
old, Eloise heard her church needed help. Being a woman of faith, she
went to the bank to see if she could take out a loan and was approved
for a $312,000 loan. This loan would have cost her a million dollars
to repay. As a senior living on a fixed income she never should have
been offered this loan in the first place. The bank gave her this
predatory loan knowing she wouldn’t be able to pay it back.
Eloise Pittman passed away last week. Her family is now left with a
mountain of debt, and are trying to save a home that’s been in their
family for over 50 years. They are facing imminent eviction, and are
struggling to make ends meet financially. The bills are stacking up as
they try to save the home, and they are having a hard time being able
to cover the cost of their mother's burial. If you can help in anyway,
please donate.

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