[Marxism] CPI (M)’s ‘Philistine Realism’

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CPI (M)’s ‘Philistine Realism’

February 4, 2012

by Bernard D’Mello

The CPI (M), it seems, has voluntarily imprisoned itself within the 
confines of the Indian “bourgeois-landlord” state.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s [CPI (M)] Draft Political 
Resolution for its 20th Congress to be held in April at Kozhikode – 
adopted by the party’s Central Committee at its meeting in Kolkata last 
month – proposes to work towards the emergence of a “left and democratic 
alternative” to the Congress Party and the proto-fascist Bharatiya 
Janata Party (BJP). Now the Left, in the party’s reckoning, is itself, 
the CPI, the All-India Forward Bloc and the Revolutionary Socialist 
Party, but the question as to who are the “democratic forces”, is not 
difficult to fathom. In fact, the draft resolution states that “it may 
be necessary to rally those non-Congress, non-BJP forces which can play 
a role in defence of democracy, national sovereignty, secularism, 
federalism and defence of people’s livelihood and rights”. So the Indian 
electorate is in for another round of the party desperately trying to 
stitch together alliances with right-wing, regional, caste-based 
outfits, all in the name of keeping “communal forces out of power”. The 
party congress will nevertheless witness the prominent display of 
banners proclaiming “Workers of the World Unite” and the portraits of 
Marx, Engels and Lenin will adorn the venue, with the implied claim that 
the CPI (M) is the legitimate heir of the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist 
tradition in India. Sadly though, the draft political resolution does 
not even suggest an intention to take the revolutionary road that was 
hoped for, way back at its 7th Congress in 1964.

full: http://sanhati.com/articles/4573/

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