[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Sun Feb 5 13:49:33 MST 2012

Mark wrote:

> Regardless of what part of the economy we're discussing, the question's not
> one of "ownership" but control.

That's a valid consideration, but it doesn't resolve the
Fundamental Marxian Fallacy.  It is a fallacy to think that,
if only the working class gains control or ownership of the
means of production, everything will be fine because this is
the end of capitalist surplus-value.

Egypt is an example for this fallacy.  People thought if
only the corrupt regime of Mubarak is deposed, everything
will be fine.  The revolutionaries did not realize that one
of the most important reasons why people rebelled was the
rise in food prices due to the biofuel programs in the EU
and US.  This was not Mubarak's fault and any successor
regime will have this problem too.

The successor regime should have tried to aggressively
de-link the Egyptian economy from the international energy
and fossil fuel dependence, by promoting the solar breeder
program which uses Sahara sand for silicon for solar cells
so that they can grow their own food.  Otherwise it is only
a matter of time until the new regime fails too and power
reverts to the old guard.  I made the proposal at the time
on the marxism list and all I got back was astonishment.

How to deal with the present world wide crisis is a highly
nontrivial matter.  Marxists have the advantage to know a
solution must be found outside the capitalist framework.  If
they were to develop good programs this would make them a
very desirable political force because nobody else has a
viable international program.  But Marxists are too much
stuck in the fear to sound like Malthus.  And Marxists are
afraid to tell people that they have to consume less because
they think this makes them the tools of the capitalists.  We
have to get over this!  We should study what Bolivia,
Ecuador, Cuba are doing to deal with the environmental


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