[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 14:21:18 MST 2012

I thought I agreed with your point about the scale of the energy grid, but
now I'm not even certain we're speaking the same language.

Your point about the workers of Egypt would only inform the point I made
about control if we think the workers in Egypt are somehow demonstrating
what control of the energy grid means.  As a materialist, I have no
evidence that they do.

Obviously, Marx--or those who've claimed his mantel--have made many a
"fallacy" on environmental issues and other contradications of capitalism
that had not unfolded so clearly from where they were viewing the world.
But I don't see a capitalized "Fundamental Marxian Fallacy" so grand that
it negates the critique of capitalism or the necessity of changing the
class nature of power.

And if it's not that, isn't this ultimately just more post-modernist
fish-slapping over labels and wordplay?


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