[Marxism] Responses to Carl Schmitt from the Revolutionary Left?

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there is also an interesting use of Schmitt in China Mieville's
/Between Equal Rights/ which is a Marxist interpretation of
international relations. He begins from the concept of the Nomos,

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> In addition to Teschke's work (he's currently writing a book which will
> extend his critique of Schmitt), I also recently read a book by
> Jean-Francois Drolet called 'American Neoconservatism: The Politics and
> Culture of a Reactionary Idealism,' which deals with the link between
> Schmitt and Leo Strauss. The second chapter in the book is an excellent
> essay on the Schmitt/Strauss critique of the liberal state. Drolet is not a
> Marxist, and the book is mainly textual analysis, but I found the early part
> useful as an exposition of Schmitt's thought, the link to Strauss, and the
> brutalism of this type of philosophy (re: 'decisionism'). Best wishes,
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