[Marxism] The philosophy of neoliberalism

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 23:22:01 MST 2012

*The main goal of neoliberalism is to philosophically justify inequality in
a new context. That is, it is to try to square the circle of making
liberty, equality, and fraternity into their opposites. A look into
Catholic doctrine, for example, would be a useful exercise at this point.
As the Argentine philosopher Rubén Dri points out, prior to Vatican II, the
Catholic Church advocated an openly reactionary vision of society based in
feudal and agrarian ideologies. With Vatican II, the Church sides
definitively with bourgeois thought. Dri even states that Pope Paul VI’s
theological axiom was that to better know God, one must better know man.
John Paul II, the Bonapartist Pope, inverted the axiom: to better know man,
one must better know God. One can make too much of such a phrase, but it is
indicative of a certain tendency in the current society: a dehumanizing of
human relations to enshrine in its place the reign of an inhuman absolute
(Capital, the Market, Globalization) that dictates the fate of entire
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