[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

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The Right, the Left, and the Greens where I live.

The Right:

The Left:

New tendencies in the Left: 


The Greens:
(Text copied from internal email - they're a bit slack when it comes to organising who are members and who aren't.)
("2GB radio personality and great campaigner, Alan Jones" is a notorious racist shockjock who happens to come from one of the communities affected by this issue.)

Hello Everyone,
We would encourage everyone who can spare the time to attend the following event.
Trevor Smith
Toowoomba Greens Branch Secretary
Big Day Out at Jondaryan

The Lock the Gate Alliance will be organising a major action at Jondaryan aimed at exposing the scandal that is the Jondaryan coal dump and opposing the stage 3 application for the Acland coal mine that supplies this dump.

This will begin at 12 noon on Monday 20 February with participants gathering at the open ground on the eastern edge of the Jondaryan township from 11.30 a.m.

This action will be a march from the edge of the Jondaryan township to the railway dump for the Acland open cut coal mine 800 metres away.

The Oakey Coal Action Alliance will be the host organisation for the day.

2GB radio personality and great campaigner, Alan Jones, will march with us on the day as will other prominent people.

Participating groups will march with wheelbarrow loads of fruit and vegetable and some will be on horseback. We will also have some marchers in koala and kangaroo costumes. We will create great theatre and a dramatic backdrop that will pressure political parties to respond to our calls to protect our land, our water and our communities from irresponsible resource extraction in the lead-up to the Queensland election.

I shall be writing to the company, New Hope, and to the premier informing them that we will be marching on the coal dump with the intention of closing down a facility which is endangering the health of the local community, is out of compliance with its environmental authority and should not be located where it is. We will also, of course, be opposing any approval for stage 3 of the mine which would triple the size of the dump and alienate hundreds of hectares of good, productive farm land and local waterways.

I expect the government to mobilise a police contingent to stop us and I am asking those who fell so inclined to join with others of us in committing civil disobedience by refusing to stop the march. Those who don't wish to be arrested, of course, are free to obey any directives from the police.

If the police do not stop us we will set up a blockade at any entrances to the dump.

Please consider organising a contingent from your group to come to the march. it will be a major part of our campaign to make coal and coal seam gas key issues for the state election. I shall be organising a bus to travel to the action from Brisbane.

For further information please ring Drew Hutton on 0428 487 110 or Cassie McMahon on 0404 677 781.

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