[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Mon Feb 6 09:33:41 MST 2012

I said:

>> You mean people don't notice the environmental crisis?

and Mark replied

> Ah, I get it.  You equate noticing with controling.

Sorry for being obtuse, but I think I get it now.  When you
wrote you have no evidence that

> workers in Egypt are somehow demonstrating what control of
> the energy grid means

you meant workers in Egypt are not in power.  Is that what you meant?

Assuming I deciphered your sentence correctly, do you think
the workers in Egypt would have promoted a green growth path
if they were more firmly in power?  They don't seem to be
talking about it now.

In my involvement with environmental and energy issues I
have learned that the ruling class is able to make some
fundamental decisions regarding the squandering of natural
resources completely under the radar because the opposition
does not understand it well enough and therefore does not
call them on it.

For instance the Fukushima disaster raised the question:
why does Japan, in one of the seismically most active
areas of the world, use nuclear power instead of geothermal?
Japan has a strong Marxist opposition.  Did they ever
raise the possible alternative of geothermal energy when
the nuclear power plants were built?  I don't know,
but I am not sure.  On the contrary, while I am writing
this David sends a message to the list that Egypt should
go nuclear too.  What a farce!

Renewable energy could be the basis of an alternative
green development path with distributed energy.  This is
what Marxists world wide should be pushing for, but
as far as I can tell they aren't except maybe in
Bolivia, Ecuador, and Cuba.

Who in the Marxist movement knows that the world is
running out of phosphate, an important element for
fertilizers, but no efforts are made to recycle it from
agricultural runoff?

Marxists don't even oppose enough the red herring of US
energy self-sufficiency.  The reason why every president
since Eisenhower has said we need energy self-sufficiency
while our dependence on oil has grown inexorably is simply
that the oil we get from the Middle East is such a good deal
that it does not make sense economically to get away from
it.  The public is kept in the dark about how much the US
economy benefits from cheap raw materials from overseas, on
the contrary, they think OPEC is overcharging us.  Obama bin
Laden has made calculations how much the US owes the Middle
East because they did not pay enough for oil, but Marxists
in the US are afraid to jump on Obama's bandwagon.  Nobody
in the US, not even the Marxists, with the exception of the
ecoequity web site and a few other scattered voices, are
telling the public that the US and Europe owes the rest of
the world reparations because of the damage done by their
greenhouse emissions.

How many Marxists are aware that we have run out of water
and that 20% of the world's water supply is now pumped from
"mineral" water deposits which will take centuries to
replenish if ever?  The ruling class is making many very
destructive and irresponsible decisions, and the Marxists
are asleep and let them do it.


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