[Marxism] Chris Hedges: the black bloc is a cancer in the Occupy movement

Joseph Catron jncatron at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 11:50:39 MST 2012

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

Black Bloc adherents detest those of us on the organized left and seek,
> quite consciously, to take away our tools of empowerment. They confuse acts
> of petty vandalism and a repellent cynicism with revolution. The real
> enemies, they argue, are not the corporate capitalists, but their
> collaborators among the unions, workers’ movements, radical intellectuals,
> environmental activists and populist movements such as the Zapatistas ...
> Because Black Bloc anarchists do not believe in organization, indeed
> oppose all organized movements, they ensure their own powerlessness.

What utter, unadulerated tripe. Back in my day, it seemed like half of 'em
organized for Change to Win unions in their straight lives. And the white
leftist Zapatista fetish? They may not have been the ones who invented it,
but they're damn close to 'em.

There's doubtlessly an intelligent, well-researched critique to be made of
the black bloc tactic (not "the Black Bloc movement" as Hedges says,
rounding out his ignorance perfectly). But if anyone has ever offered it, I
have yet to see it.

As for Hedges, he sounded more competent spouting inanities about Darwin
and religion - which is really saying something.

"Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen

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