[Marxism] Paul D'Amato (US ISO) responds to Pham Binh on Tony Cliff's Lenin (phew!)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 6 15:56:30 MST 2012

On 2/6/12 3:56 PM, Dan Russell wrote:
> I've always found it funny for Louis to denounce the ISO as 'Zinovievist'
> without offering any concrete examples of why our organizational methods
> are problematic other than projections of his experience in the SWP which
> are unlike anything I've experienced.

I am quite sure that the ISO's organizational model serves its political 
goals quite adequately but I have been trying to explain for the past 20 
years or so that a true vanguard party is not only necessary but has to 
follow a completely different model. I think that the ISO does very good 
work, as does the British SWP and as the American SWP did in the 60s and 
70s. There is a place for such groups. They popularize the idea of 
socialism among students and the working class. They can also be counted 
on to build mass actions around worthy goals, such as opposing 
imperialist wars.

But something else is needed in order to confront and supersede the 
American capitalist system, the threat to the planet's future.

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