[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Tue Feb 7 07:40:20 MST 2012

Rod, maybe the following metaphor will help.  Using natural
gas to heat water has been compared to using antique
furniture as firewood in your fireplace.  Of course antique
furniture burns well, it is very dry etc., and your detailed
example shows how well it burns.  But if you need firewood
there are so many other possibilities that it is unwise to
sacrifice your antique furniture for it.  That was my point.

You quoted the following passage from me and said it contained
"a host of errors":

> "if you use natural gas to heat water for a shower, you
> are wasting 95% of the exergy, i.e., available energy.
> You should use the gas to generate electricity and the
> waste heat from this electricity generation for your
> shower."

I stand by this quote, I see no errors in it.  I would be
grateful if you explained what is wrong with this paragraph.


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