[Marxism] privatizing the grid--a local perspective

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 08:07:09 MST 2012

Heating showers. Well, you can burn all the gas you want, pumping
prodigious amounts of GHGs into the atmosphere and not a therm of it will
be used to heat your shower. This is the fantasy about "localism" and
"distributive generation": you can't build gas turbines downtown or in your
suburb and expect to get district heating out of the heat recovery steam
generator. Why? Because no one wants them in their neighborhood. SF
neighborhood shutdown all generation in city and successfully stopped 2
different proposals  to build new gas turbines. Instead, they NIMBYed the
plants to 40 miles away in east Contra Costa County where the residents
there little political weight to stop the infusion, quite massive infusion,
of around 2000 MWs of GTs. At any rate, the plants send power through a new
underwater HVDC line to SF, the excess heat says wasted in the county,
along with the pollution and GHG emissions.

Most GTs are fought by local residents. No one wants them nearby if they
can help it. Thus, no heating of showers this way.

Of course Rod' use of the shower metaphor was just that, a metaphor.

It is easier to have a discussion around energy if we drop the 'localism'
nonsense and took about real national and international energy policy, all
of which involves various forms of highly centralized generation and
distribution. Localism is irrelevant, it's control (as Mark correctly
pointed out earlier).


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