[Marxism] Exchange on the black bloc from LBO-Talk

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 8 18:11:17 MST 2012

Joseph Catron:
 > My core point remains: Those who want a mass movement that doesn't look
 > like it was built by anarchists should get to work building it. Or, hell,
 > engage seriously (that means offline!) with this one and see where it 
 > you. Curmudgeonly Internet screeds are pretty much the least acceptable,
 > most annoying of all possible options.

Nicholas Roberts (Oakland resident)

Joseph, this isn't a hypothetical

the camp of Occupy Oakland did have a core of anarchists, but only 
really grew past a few thousand when the people you dismiss as do 
nothing, useless etc actually put their faith in those very same OO 
anarchists to understand some very basic common sense campaigning, 
coalition and demo business rules

the Occupy Oakland Coalition expanded to 40 000 and then fractured when 
the Black Bloc try-hards used the big tent event, the cover of 40 000 
people to make a piss-weak attempt at a building occupation

so, guess what, the 40 000 never showed to any Occupy Oakland events 
EVER again

don't you get it ?

the Black Bloc tactic fractured a mass movement in Oakland, as it does 
in EVERY mass movement

why is that hard to understand ?

the police state has integrated Black Bloc into its counter-insurgency 

Black Bloc IS a tool of the fascist state

you dont need to read fancy articles, just ask around any of the pissed 
off former Occupy Oakland community coalition partners

what kind of anarchism re-enforces, re-validates and re-energizes the 
state it is supposed to attack ?

its not anarchism, its left fascist cult which is sadly not 
self-destructive, instead it sabotages the broader institutions of the left

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