[Marxism] Documentary tonight on the civil rights battle ignored by the US media

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Thu Feb 9 07:51:19 MST 2012

The civil rights battle ignored by the U.S.
documentary "Black Power Mixtape" tells a counter-history of the 1960s,
through the eyes of foreign journalists

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It was tough enough to track the social and political upheaval of the 1960s
through domestic news coverage, let alone to pay attention to what the rest
of the world was reporting. But journalists from abroad were fascinated by
the roiling changes — and often saw it quite differently.

Though U.S. network coverage of civil rights cruelties helped rally the
country against the worst offenders in the South, coverage of revolutionary
groups such as the Black Panther Party more often took J. Edgar Hoover’s
extremist stance that it was the most dangerous internal threat to the U.S.
Rarely did it look at the accomplishments of its free breakfast programs,
community organizing and determination to stand up to police harassment and

Swedish newsmen and filmmakers who didn’t follow the FBI line came to
America to learn what they could, looking at life in largely segregated
black America, talking frankly and seriously with black leaders and closely
following their trials.

Footage of the era, said to have been sitting in a Swedish basement for
three decades, became the eye-opening documentary “The Black Power Mixtape
1967-1975” making its U.S. television debut on PBS’ “Independent Lens”
Thursday night as part of its Black History Month series.
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