[Marxism] Graeber responds to Hedges

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 9 11:43:32 MST 2012

On 2/9/12 1:15 PM, Joseph Catron wrote:
> Aside from people who've worked with him, read him, or heard him speak,
> those familiar with the New York City Direct Action Network, in which he
> was also prominent and which sometimes threw its considerable
> organizational weight into black bloc tactics, as at the 2000 presidential
> inauguration.

Look, no offense, Joseph but anarchism went into a real tail-spin not a 
year after this action (it was actually January 2001). The war in Iraq 
and Afghanistan threw it for a loop. Chuck Munson, the rather 
muddleheaded editor of Infoshop.org, complained bitterly about 9/11 
coming along and upsetting the apple cart.

Let's face it. The anarchist movement played almost no role in the 
antiwar movement. I don't think that the Marxists acquitted themselves 
that well either, with the general collapse of the CP-led UFPJ and the 
Marcyite-led ANSWER.

But if you want to have a little credibility, Joseph, you have to stop 
sounding like one of those spokesmen for Progressive or Geico auto 
insurance when you talk about anarchism--as a movement that everybody 
must live. Salesmen, whether of auto insurance, biblical tracts or 
ideology, tend to leave us cold.

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